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Balloons and inflatable toys videos.

Cédric first and onlt BLOW TO POP ! ! !

Nelson mass balloons popping.

Gabriele burst a lot of balloons.

Léo burst 18" clear qualatex balloons.

Zaadig 6 (His first sit pop)

Nelson Burst balloons with his cig

Spider Léo burst balloons

Sebastian is back!!

hot video

Nelson take a shower with balloons.

Koba try inflatable toy.

Nelson have a lot of balloons to burst!

Cedric try inflatable toy.

Zaadig pop spring printed balloons

Nelson burst qualatex 36" balloons and Blow to pop one 14" balloon

Nour mass balloons bursting

Gabriele is back!

Nelson pop one giant inflatable chipmunk!

Léo pop beach balloon and latex balloons

Nelson blow one intex yellow seal

Zaadig pop balloons during 19 min !!!!!

Cédric in the shower.

Masked twink. New model.

Nelson have a valentine present for you

Koba Valentines day. First BT.

Sebastian is back!!

Léo in the shower

Koba is back!

Zaadig cig pop 2

Gabriele take a shower

Nelson try the Qualatex 24" balloons!

New male model!!!

Cédric new video!!

Léo is back !

Masked man is back!

nelson and his inflatables

Christmas video.

Santa Gabriele pop balloons

Merry Christmas!!!

Sebastian first video!

Zaadig 6 short clips!

New model: Gabriele

Nelson BTP

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